In life we all want to know more about this one word, this word that means so much to us, PURPOSE.  The world defines the word purpose as this —the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.  Biblically, our purpose is so much more. We were put on this earth to have a relationship with God and to share His love with those who don't know God.

This new series is not just about searching and looking for your purpose, even though we all have that question in our head! This series is really about understanding that through a relationship with Christ, God can reveal where He wants us to go now and go in the future.  

The tough part is knowing how to really walk out our faith daily and stay true to what we know God has asked us to do. Through the next 5 weeks we will walk through how to have a deeper relationship with Christ, and how we can allow Him to prepare us for whatever He has in store for us next. 

Week 1—Where do I start

Week 2—Baby Steps

Week 3—Brace For Impact

Week 4—Its Not About You

Week 5—Be The Change


Here are a few things to try:


Every parent wants to be a better parent, but as our kids get older it can be tough to know what we should do at this phase of development. This week, try taking one small step to sharpen your parenting skills. Maybe for you that means... 

    •    Share with them when you were a kid what you wanted to be when you grew up.

    •    Ask your students what they feel like they want to do when they get older. What occupations are they interested in?

    •    Take time and tell them the importance of a daily relationship with Christ.

    •    Pray together as a family that God will continue to guide and lead you to show His love to everyone.